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Romort Water Tower Kit
Part No 05400
Since 1961 the Romort Water Tower has been serving the campground
industry. It is designed to prevent back-siphonage to your water supply thus stopping contamination and the spread of disease. The unique nozzle design keeps the camper's hands out of the discharge flow. The nozzle is always held off the ground, and will easily reach a 29 foot radius when in use. Now available with Ball or Gate Valve
 Now $1,550.00 Limited Time!  Regular $1,860.00

Sanitary Hatch Cover
Part No 05425
A 4" Sanitary Hatch Cover, Foot operated, quick opening designed primarily for waste disposal of campers and travel trailers at dump stations. The non-recessed design provides straight-through flow to eliminate entrapment of waste material. Made of Ductile Iron. Can be locked to prevent dumping without your authorization.$370.00  Regular $399.00

Pick Up Stix
Part No 05460
Jumbo Tweezers for Litter Pick up! Aluminum and Plated Steel with Comfort Grip.$27.00!  Regular $30.00

Dump Site Instructional Sign
Part No 05455
18 inch x 24 inch of 080 Aluminum. Yellow with Brown lettering. Mount on two 6-foot 4-inch treated posts set in concrete. $60.00 each!  Regular $65.00

4" Site Sewer Cap
Part No 05470
A 4" Site Sewer Cap made of casted metal, designed for waste disposal of campers and travel trailers at individual RV sites. Can be locked to control dumping without your permission. Industrial yellow. Not to be used at RV dump stations. $92.00 each!  Regular $99.00
Potable Water Sign
Part No 05485
9" x 12" sign. Made of 080 aluminum. White with blue lettering. $38.00 each!  Regular $40.00

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