Romort Water Tower Kit

The average camper uses 9 gallons of fresh water to flush the holding tank. The Tower can accomplish this with 2.5 gallons of water. This efficient use of water can lead to a 75% reduction in dump station water use and conserve one of our most precious natural resources. Overall waste water volume is dramatically reduced along with related sewage system demands and costs. This means that you may see a complete pay back of your investment within 6 months to a year.

To protect the public against health risks of diseases which could spread via the use of a less sanitary system, several federal agencies have developed detailed guidelines. The Romort Water Tower meets or exceeds EPA, OSHA, ANSI and Department of Environmental Health Standards.

Sanitary stations provide proper disposal of wastes from sewage holding tanks of travel trailers or recreational vehicles. The addition of a Romort Water Tower will provide running water for flushing the wastes from the holding tanks. The unique nozzle design keeps the camper's hands out of the discharge flow. It should not be used to supply drinking water for obvious hygienic reasons. Therefore, a second water tower becomes necessary, and should be separated from the first by a safe distance. These towers, properly signed, provide campers with a more hygienic flushing and fresh water system.

Many senior campers, and campers with disabilities, find it difficult to attach garden hoses. The Romort Water Tower is safe and easy to use for campers of all ages and abilities. You will feel confident and proud knowing the tower complies with the American s with Disabilities Act. No longer is there any need to recoil a garden hose. The Romort Water Tower conveniently restores itself to the upright and retracted position when not in use. The nozzle is always held off the ground, and will easily reach a 29 foot radius with in use.

The Tower is made of heavy gauge steel and cast iron and has been produced in the USA for 35 years. Towers sold 35 years ago are still in use today! Properly installed with clearly marked signs, both your sanitary and freshwater stations will provide campers with easy access to convenience for many years to come.

Complete installation instructions are included with each ROMORT WATER TOWER, including installation in freezing climates. Road layout, signage, valving and replacement parts are all explained. The tower is UPS shippable the day after your order is received.

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